Gaëlle Buswel

Genre: Folk, Rock, Blues

Land: Frankreich

Gaëlle Buswel - Gitarre, Gesang



Gaëlle Buswel, a performer known for the unique beauty of her voice and songs highlighted by the inimitable sound of the rock guitar, is making waves with her new album "Your Journey".

This fourth opus, recorded in the prestigious ICP Studios in Brussels and London's legendary Abbey Road Studios, happily displays the musical influences of a singer who moves easily from rock to blues to folk with a resolutely modern take. 

The broad spectrum of sound and the singer herself thrive in the spotlight, where she is free to display an energy that is as sincere as it is communicative. 
Ringo Starr, Beth Hart and ZZ Top are just a few of the well-known artists who have entrusted her with their opening acts. 

4 albums, more than 500 shows all over Europe, Japan and North of America.
In 2024, you will certainly be hearing about Gaëlle Buswel. To attend one of her concerts is to fall under the spell of an artist whose generosity is matched only by her talent.


2021 - Your Journey
2017 - New Day's Waiting
2014 - Black to Blue
2011 - Yesterday's Shadow

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