Twisted Rose

Genre: Classic Rock

Land: Deutschland




Twisted Rose have been rocking the international stages since 2018 and have already had several successes with their releases. Among other things, number 3 in the Mexican charts, number 10 in the Spanish charts and several bestseller positions in the Amazon sale charts.

Who are Twisted Rose specifically? At the forefront stands and enchants the charming, powerful-voiced singer Caro, alongside Chris Bones on the guitar, Bass player Tino and drummer Luggy.

They have dedicated themselves to the classic rock sound (á la AC/DC and Guns N' Roses) and are now about to conquer the rock world with their own compositions.
They achieved their first live successes, among other things, with their appearance at the wrestling event "Extreme", where they were able to convince the fans of this tough sport with their hard rock sound. The affinity for wrestling is no coincidence, after all, guitarist Chris Bones was once a pro-wrestler himself. In addition to music, he works in a field that has often found its way into the lyrics of various rock and metal bands:
He's the manager of a funeral home. One could think that there should be one or the other inspiration for lyrics here. Twisted Rose have been under contract with the label 7us / 7hard since 2020. Twisted Rose were also the opener for the well-known band "GraveDigger".
The songs are not created in the mortuary at Chris Bones' workplace, but in the modern, well-equipped recording studio in Giebelstadt, the hometown of TWISTED ROSE. With the spirit of their idols and the sound of today, the hard rockers present their songs that don't have to shy away from comparison with long-established formations of the genre. 
Their energetic show, which makes the fans sweat and the rock chicks escalate, is now known very well.

A US music magazine once called Twisted Rose "The new KISS" and the German magazine "Musix" once described the band with the words: "The future of straight rock music has a name: TWISTED ROSE."


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